Course center

Our course center: DAS LANDHAUS

This year’s course center is a beautiful house that is completely at our disposal: DAS LANDHAUS in Puchenstuben.

We will have 6 rooms on the first floor: the children will be accommodated in 2- or 3-bed rooms, each with shower and toilet, and one of the teachers will also have a room there.


On the ground floor there is a dining room and we will also have two extra rooms for two of the three classes.

The house is surrounded by a garden where you can relax.


We will have lunch at a restaurant situated almost next to our house. Dinners are flexible, depending on the daily programme as well as on weather conditions. We might even prepare a healthy dinner ourselves. There will be plenty of fruit, biscuits and drinks available throughout the day.


In 2020, we will probably have some rooms in a second hotel at our disposal. Once the rooms at the LANDHAUS have been taken up by the first children, we will contact the parents and let them know about the new accommodation that is possible for the girls and boys. It is obvious that there will be the same degree of surveillance and dedication by the staff that look after the children there.

Information about the village

Puchenstuben is a small village at an altitude of 860 meters. It is located directly on the mountain train line connecting St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, and Mariazell, a famous Austrian pilgrimage town that we will visit on a half-day excursion. Travelling to Vienna by car (140 km) takes 2 hours. 

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Our summer course will take place! We abide by Austria's COVID-19 regulations!