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Last year our participants were accommodated both in the charming country house DAS LANDHAUS as well as in the newly renovated hotel DAS KRÄUTERHÄUSL. This summer we will again be using both houses exclusively for our international group of children. At the LANDHAUS three large rooms as well as two smaller ones are at our disposal. A garden surrounds the house and  it is almost next to the school and the restaurant in Puchenstuben. There are three apartments at the KRÄUTERHÄUSL and plenty of room downstairs to have breakfast and sometimes dinner. We will be able to use the living room for games and animation. There is a garden where the children can play table tennis and where we can have barbecues in the evening.


Website LANDHAUS                                                                    Website KRÄUTERHÄUSL


The children will have their GERMAN lessons at the primary school, located right in the center of the village. There is a gym that we will again use for indoor activities. Lunch will take place at the restaurant HALLERSTUBN – right next to the school – as well as in other restaurants during the excursions.

It is the task of the GKI team to decide in which of the houses a child will be put: this depends on various factors: age, gender, mother tongue etc. The children will be supervised professionally by our motivated staff round the clock in both houses. All our participants will take part in the course program together anyway.

Information about the village

Puchenstuben is a small village at an altitude of 860 meters. It is located directly on the mountain train line connecting St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, and Mariazell, a famous Austrian pilgrimage town that we will visit on a half-day excursion. Travelling to Vienna by car (140 km) takes 2 hours. 

Website Puchenstuben

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