What is the price of the two language courses?

The course fee for COURSE I is € 1.540.-, for COURSE II it is € 830.- It includes tuition, meals, fruit, drinks and snacks, the leisure time program and the excursions. The children only need a little pocket money for extra drinks and souvenir.

How can I register my child?

Please complete and send us the registration form by mail. After confirming its receipt, we will ask you to transfer a non-returnable down payment of € 200.- This guarantees that your son / your daughter is booked for the course. The remaining course fee should be transferred to us by June 15th, 2020.

Can my child be picked up in Vienna on the first day of the course?

We can pick up children on Sunday, July 19th (COURSE I), or on Sunday, August 2nd (COURSE II) from the airport Vienna-Schwechat (ideally before 1pm) or the main train station in Vienna. The fee for the transfer to Puchenstuben is € 85.- On the last day of the course we offer the same service in the other direction, again for the same price.

Do I need a special insurance for my child?

We kindly ask you to take out a private health insurance covering accidents and illnesses.

Can my child attend the summer course for only one week (COURSE I)?

We are afraid this is not possible due to administrative and pedagogical reasons.

Who will look after my child when you go swimming?

There is a swimming warden and the teachers will, of course, also look after the children.

Are the children allowed to use their mobile phones?

The children are allowed to use their phones in the morning and before going to bed for half an hour each time.

Our summer course will take place! We abide by Austria's COVID-19 regulations!